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Igo для android скачать торрент... windows Persistent efforts have been made in steel industry to develop high strength steels as a way to enhance the safety of structures and machine parts and save resources through weight reduction. On another level, the industry is facing a demand for a more economical and efficient alloy design of steel composition due to a rise in raw material prices. It is in light of these latest shifts in the technological environment that the 72nd Symposium on Iron and Steel Technology is held in association with International Symposium on Nb and Mo Alloying in High Performance Steels, supported by CBMM, IMOA, Hyundai Steel, and POSCO. Under the subtitle of "Metallurgy for More Sustainable Steels", this event strives to share the experiences and knowledge regarding the utilization of Nb and Mo for the development of high strength and high performance steels. We invite and expect active participation and communication among domestic and international specialists from industry, academy, and research institutes to make this symposium a valuable opportunity to collectively consider ways to achieve and ensure a higher competence of high strength steels. Jong-Soo Woo Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM) Chairman of Steel Committee Steel has for decades been the most versatile and widely used construction material for industrial equipment, structures, buildings or vehicles. Of all industrial materials, steel has one of the lowest emission rates during primary production. It is, simultaneously, the most recycled material with a rate of more than 85% returned into use. Although there have been great advances in steel technology over the last four decades, industry and consumers face evermore serious sustainability challenges with regard to energy conservation, reduction of CO2 emissions and a generally more efficient use of resources. The main focus in this respect is to increase steel performance, for example strength, allowing the reduction of component weight and improvement of durability as well as offering better manufacturing performance. This ambition requires innovative alloying and metallurgical processing concepts. Niobium and molybdenum are two of the most powerful alloying elements in helping to adapt microstructures and properties to downstream manufacturing processes and enhanced end- user performance. The present symposium will focus on alloy design, processing concepts and final properties of high performance steel and will specifically address the potential and characteristics of niobium and molybdenum metallurgy. Holding this symposium in South Korea is not coincidental. South Korea is one of the fastest growing and most steel-intensive economies in the world. Over the last decades a significant base of steel production has been installed on the peninsula, employing some of the most powerful and modern steel producing mills. State-of-the art steelmaking is paralleled by world-leading equipment manufactures in automotive, offshore, structural and mechanical engineering sectors. Therefore, South Korea is the perfect proving ground for this symposium’s motto: “The only alternative to steel is more sustainable steel”. Hardy Mohrbacher NiobelCon bvba Managing Director Новая версия GPS навигации от лидера рынка по обеспечению программными приложениями КПК, смартфонов и коммуникаторов с навигационным модулем ( PNA и PDA ижи с ними). Год: 2012 Размер: 3,21 Гб Язык интерфейса: Только русский. Таблетка: Вылечено Платформа: Android Версия: 9.6.7 Системные требования : Android 1.5 и выше Инструкция есть в релизе.